Groupon local merchant study

78% of Groupon local merchants think the website’s users are stingy, according to a new poll by CM Copywriters. The poll also found that 82% of businesses are unsatisfied with levels of repeat business.

A plurality of local merchants would never work with Groupon again. Despite this, 63% profited from their deal.

CM Copywriters conducted telephone interviews with 300 US businesses between June 22nd 2011 and July 8th 2011. The poll revealed:

63% profited from their promotion
Profitable or unprofitable?
Yes 63%
No 35%
Unsure 2%

78% think Groupon users are more stingy than average customers
More or less price sensitive?
More 78%
Less 7%
Unsure 15%

82% unsatisfied with repeat business
Satisfied or unsatisfied with repeat business?
Satisfied 17%
Unsatisfied 82%
Unsure 1%

49% wouldn’t do it again
Would you advertise again?
Yes 45%
No 49%
Unsure 6%

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